Publishers Section was established in January 1973 to aid Law Development Centre mandate to achieve one of its corporate objectives. The Section is under the Office of the Director.

The Section’s main objective is to assist in the fulfillment of one of the statutory functions of the Centre which include; Publishing periodicals, bulletins, digests, Reprinting Acts of Parliament and other written materials for use by law students, members of the legal profession and the general public.


The Section consists of two Units; The Printing House and the Bookshop.

The section is headed by Manager LDC Publishers with six staffs.




We do all kind of printing work including binding.

Items on Sale in the bookshop

  1. Acts of Parliament.
  2. Statutory Instruments
  3. The Uganda Civil Justice Bench Book
  4. The Uganda Criminal Justice Bench Book
  5. Uganda Law Reports: from 1967-2012
  6. High Court Bulletin from 1975-2016
  7. Legal text Books, Magazines, Journals
  8. Alumni souvenirs (t-shirts, caps, ties, glass, magazines, tags)