The Department of Law Reporting, Research and Law Reform is composed of 3 (three) sections to wit;

  1. Law Reporting
  2. Research and Publications
  3. Law Reform

Initially, there were two separate Departments i.e

1. Department of Law Reporting

2. Department of Research, Law Reform and Publications

In 2010, the LDC undertook reforms in which the two Departments were combined inter alia because of their interrelated activities and it thus became; Department of Law Reporting, Research and Law Reform


Departmental Mandate

The mandate of the Department is derived from Section 3 of the Law Development Centre Act, Cap 132 and it includes;

  1. compiling, editing and publishing Law Reports for Uganda;
  2. publishing periodicals, bulletins, digests or other written material concerned with legal and related matters;
  3. disseminating and promoting generally a better knowledge of the law.
  4. assisting any commissioner who may be appointed in the preparation and publication of a revised edition of the Laws of Uganda;
  5. assisting in the preparation of reprints of Acts of Parliament in accordance with any law for the time being in force;
  6. assisting the Law Reform Commission in the performance of its functions;
  7. undertaking research into any branch of the law;
  8. holding seminars and conferences on legal matters and problems;
  9. collecting, compiling, analyzing and abstracting statistical information on legal and related matters;


Human Resource

The Department has 5 (five) Officers to wit; Head of Department, Senior Legal Officer/Editor Law Reports, Legal Officer/Assistant Editor Law Reports, Research and Publications Officer and Legal Officer, Law Reform. Currently, the Department has four staff occupying the following positions;

  1. Rose Kawesa Nalule-----Ag, Head of Department/Senior Legal Officer/Editor Law Reports
  2. Maureen Kemigabo------Legal Officer/Assistant Editor, Law Reports
  3. Herman Tuhairwe-------Research and Publications Officer
  4. Edrine Wanyama-----Legal Officer-Law Reform


A leading Department for quality research, law reporting and law reform for the promotion of the rule of law in Uganda.



To promote Law Development Centre as the leading resource for legal publications, law reform and research.


Objectives of the Department

The Department is guided by the following aims and objectives;

  1. To produce quality legal publications for students, legal practitioners and researchers
  2. To support related Government and non-governmental institutions in reforming and revising the Laws of Uganda
  3. To undertake research in key legal issues
  4. To disseminate and promote better knowledge of the law.



        1. Uganda Law Reports (ULR): These publications contain judgments from superior courts of record i.e the High Court, Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court and Supreme Court that are of legal importance. The digest/summary of the judgment is also included in the Law Report. The decision as to which judgment should be reported is taken by the Editorial Board of the Uganda Law Reports headed by a judge of the High Court and other members from Attorney General’s Office, Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda Law Society, Uganda Law Reform Commission, legal practitioners and LDC. The approval of the manuscripts for publication is also undertaken by the same Board. ULR have been produced since 1958 to date. However, there was a gap in between the years where Law Reports were not produced and a bid to bridge the gap is underway. The Department has plans to produce specialized Law Reports and kick start online law reporting.  


        1. High Courts Bulletins (HCB): These are digests/summaries of judgments from superior courts of record i.e the High Court, Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court and Supreme Court that are of legal importance. The decision as to which judgment to should be included in the bulletins is taken by the Department. The Department has produced the HCB since 1968 to date.


        1. Justice Bench Books: These are guides to judicial officers in their duties and responsibilities of dispensing justice and the public at large. Research is undertaken to compile manuscripts in which judicial officers are highly involved. An Editorial Board and a Committee of Experts finally approves the manuscripts for publication. So far, the Department has produced Civil and Criminal Justice Bench Books. Work on production of the Child Justice Bench Book is underway and a plan to produce the Land Justice Bench Book.
        2. Reprints of ULR & HCB: These are old and obsolete publications of HCB and ULR that are being freshly edited and republished.


        1. Reprints of Acts Parliament and subsidiary legislation: In collaboration with LDC Publishers, the Department identifies legislation for re-print and ensures that up-dates are included.


        1. Name and subject matter Index: These are publications that guide the User of ULR and HCB in search for the digests and Judgments using the name of the parties involved and the subject.


        1. Index of Laws of Uganda: This is a publication that guides the User of the Laws of Uganda on the search as well as the proper citation of same.


        1. Field Research Reports: These are reports from various research projects conducted by the Department. The Department has streamlined research activities at LDC and promoted research projects into areas of legal interest.


        1. The Handbook for Magistrates: A publication to guide the Magistrates on how to conduct trials etc. The Department is set to provide a revised edition


        1. The Uganda Law Focus: A peer reviewed journal on areas of interest by legal scholars


        1. Other Publications: Other legal scholars can have their books revised, published and sold at the LDC Bookshop. It is the duty of the Department to vet these publications to ensure that quality work is on sale. The Department also compiles, edits, styles and publishes Law Reports for other Organizations. The most recently styled publication is the Uganda Tax Law Report 2008-2011. The Department is also set to compile, edit and style the Uganda Human Rights Commission Law 2012-2014.


These publications are available in the Law Development Centre Book Shop,Library and a project to avail them online is underway.



Rose Kawesa Nalule

Ag. Head of Department, Law Reporting, Research & Law Reform