1.1       Department of Human Resource and Administration

The Department of Human Resource and Administration is a support department headed by the Head Human Resource and Administration assisted by the Manager Administration and Human Resource Manager.  It is responsible for general administration and management of human resource. 

The department comprises two sections namely: Administration and Human Resource.

1.1.1   Human Resource Section

This section is responsible for staff welfare and discipline. It is also responsible for the LDC Medical Unit which provides healthcare to LDC students. The section makes recommendations for the recruitment, appointment, confirmation, promotion and discipline of staff to the Appointments Sub-Committee in case of professional and senior administrative staff, and to the Human Resource Committee in case of other staff. 

The section is also responsible for the welfare of staff.  The LDC staffing position is as follows:

  • Administrative staff                                             -           79
  • Teaching staff (Full Time)                                    -           10
  • Teaching staff (Part Time)-Main Campus -           61
  • Teaching staff (Part Time)- Mbarara        -           18
  • Administrative Staff -(Part Time)             -           17
  • Administrative Staff- (Mbarara)               -           13

 Total                                                                    - 198


1.1.2   Administration Section

This section is charged with the responsibility of general maintenance of Centre premises and property, students’ welfare and security.  The section also manages the fleet of LDC vehicles.


1.2 Vision:

To be a model of excellence by creating an inspiring and safe working environment for all employees.


1.3 Mission Statement:

To offer consistent and comprehensive support services by a competent, well-motivated and courteous staff.

1.4 Core Values of the Department:

  • Promote Honesty, Integrity, and Trust: We honor our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes fairness, respect, honesty, and trust amongst staff.
  • Celebrate Teamwork: We encourage the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds and celebrate participation and partnership in all of Centre’s endeavors.
  • Encourage Communication: We encourage the input of others and strive for transparency and inclusiveness in all official matters.
  • Focus on Our Customers: We are passionate about service and are committed to knowing our customers, anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations.
  • Embrace Change and Innovation: We are open to possibility and foster creativity and risk-taking to support continuous improvement.
  • Champion Staff Development: We are committed to maximizing the potential of every individual staff by supporting and promoting the Centre as a learning organization.
  • Model Leadership: We lead by example and advocate equitable treatment in our behaviors, policies, and practices and distribution of resources.
  • Quality of Services: We believe those we serve deserve excellent service, a safe, productive, and healthy work environment, and quality results.

1.5 Human Resource & Administration Strategic Objectives:

We accomplish our mission by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. To foster an environment that promotes continuous process improvement to meet organizational goals.
  2. To ensure strong financial performance by establishing and maintaining effective funding strategies and allocating resources efficiently.
  3. To create and enhance strategic partnerships.
  4. To provide accurate and timely workforce information and analysis.
  5. To promote Employee Engagement and Succession Planning initiatives that contributes to individual and organizational effectiveness.
  6. To meet and anticipate customer needs by providing responsive and innovative services.
  7. To enhance services and transparency through user-friendly technology.




2.1       The Role of the Management Committee

The Management Committee performs the role of formulating policies regarding human resource and administration of the Law Development Centre. This role is delegated to the Appointments and Finance and Audit Sub-Committees.


2.2       Appointments Sub-Committee

The Appointments Sub-Committee carries out the work of recruitment, appointment, promotion, confirmation and discipline of staff in salary scales LS1-LS5 on behalf of the Management Committee.


2.3       Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee handles matters related to finance and general administration of the Law Development Centre.